We are looking for Data scientists, Business Intelligence Professionals, Business Analytics.


Are you ready to have fun?

  • Be part of a team that has won, for three years, the Microsoft Worldwide Partner recognition in Big Data and Business Intelligence.
  • Work hand in hand with Microsoft's product developers located in Microsoft Corp., Redmond, Seattle.
  • Lead the most innovative worldwide solutions, developed with the latest technology in Advanced Analytics.
    • Big Data
    • Machine Learning
    • Internet of Things
    • Mobility
  • Push forward our international expansion towards the USA, the rest of Europe, Latin America and Saudi Arabia.
  • Develop your professional career and achieve personal objectives in line with the company's philosophy.
  • Gain highly valued Microsoft Certificates in Business Intelligence, Big Data, Azure and Mobility.
  • Contribute giving life to your own attractive ideas aiming a continual company renewal.
  • Enjoy a friendly environment and flexible working hours.



Senior BI Consultant

Become a part of a multi-award winning team as Microsoft's Best Worldwide Partner in Data Analytics for the past three years. We have become world leaders in our field thanks to the creation of [...]

Project Manager

Bismart is a leading company in Business Intelligence and Big Data, Microsoft Gold Partners, and winners of Best Worldwide Microsoft Partner in 2013, 2015 and 2016. We are currently in a moment [...]

.NET Developer

We are looking for .NET engineers with a passion for Big Data. Become a part of a multi-award winning team as Microsoft's Best Worldwide Partner in Data Analytics for the past three years. We [...]

Big Data Specialist

We are looking for Big Data Specialists. We are looking for data engineers with a vocation for Big Data. Become a part of a multi-award winning team as Microsoft's Best Worldwide Partner in Data [...]


Bismart Team

“A Catalan company set up in 2009, and it is already a leader in an international level, especially in its specialization of BI and Big Data! Although it is growing dramatically Bismart still preserves a warm friendly atmosphere, complicity between members of the team, with the possibility of professional growth for those wanting to start with us. Everybody loves our innovative solutions, above for its cool and friendly visualization.” 

Marta Isern
BDM & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Bismart Team

“We are a team with a winning spirit and ambition, where making the company and the people to grow is the main objective. Crazy for the latest technologies in our industry and their applications and benefits to the society. We believe in team work, where people can grow both professionally and personally. Customer oriented and taking our commitments seriously.”

Enric Martí
International Development Director

Bismart Team

“I work in the best company in the world of Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions. Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world and trusts us both at national and international level. We even develop solutions for them! We are up to date in the latest technologies of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Smart Cities. We tackle innovation projects for big companies like BBVA and we are present internationally, for example in Qatar and USA. I am in a company that in few years has achieved goals that other much bigger companies haven’t achieved in many years. And this is just the beginning!”

Victor Rocabert  

“A few months ago I decided to prolong the work experience period. The reason why is because it is a young company with a strong desire to grow and always open to new challenges, this suits me perfectly. Although there are not many workers in comparison with others companies in the industry we are already a name in Business Intelligence at a national and international level. The dynamism in the projects and the great work atmosphere keep me wanting to work here.”

Zaida Dos Santos
BI Consultant

“We are a young and dynamic company, with a personal touch as well as with a global vision, which makes our people our best asset. We are a worldwide reference for Business Intelligence backed by the certification from the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft, who’s always willing to show our solutions around the world. Bismart offers personal and professional grow opportunities and transforms every day in a challenge, in a dream, arising passion for data!”

Gerard Bas
Senior Big Data Architect

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